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My partnership with Young Living is intentional. Young Living bring 30 years of experience in natural and holistic products, sourced from the purest gifts on Earth. Young Living leads the industry in setting standards and expectations for distilling and farming essential oils.


Who's Young Living

The pioneer in essential oil planting, harvesting, testing and manufactoring.

Why Young Living

Seed to Seal standard for every product distributed across the world.

What's Young Living

Providing 600+ non-toxic products - including household supplies.

The Seed to Seal Commitment

Young Living sets themselves apart, leading the industry with their 5 sourcing standards:


We work with botanists, agronomists, and scientists to ensure that the seeds we plant are of the highest quality, safeguarding authenticity and maintaining all possible benefits through each step of the distillation process.


We cultivate healthy plants by enriching the soil through composting, the use of natural fertilizers, crop rotation, watering with rain and/or irrigation, and monitoring the effects of daily weather conditions.


Through unique steam distillation, cold pressing, and hydro distillation methods, we use data points such as plant volume and curing time to bring you the most powerful essential oils possible.


Our highly trained scientists use our own in-house, state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, as well as independent laboratories, to ensure that our oils meet our stringent quality requirements.


Each essential oil batch is numbered and retested to pass quality control before being released for production. From there, the oils are used to produce essential oil blends, supplements, home products, and more.


Learn more about the Seed to Seal standard.

Connect With Me

With over 600+ products, shopping can seem overwhelming. I'm here to simplify it all. To get started, either grab one of our highly discounted Starter Bundles (major product haul for a crazy cheap price), or reach out to me so we can taylor your shopping experience to your holistic goals. As an integrative mental health practitioner, I can steer you through the right path to help align your body's microbiome and wellness.

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